AG3D Group

Business Plan Goals:

The goal of the AG 3D Group is to reflect what we do and why we do it:

We are building a business for a sustainable future.

We want to invest in Latvia and throughout the Baltics, providing a viable future with an improved quality of work for every large or small company or business, as well as any government agency engaged in manufacturing, medicine, advertising inventions, and education. We have something to offer every industry. We do this by providing our customers and the public with innovative resources that can improve productivity, reduce labor costs and improve quality. We intend to act as an honest and trusted partner to find the best solutions for the market. We believe that is the essence of successful business.

To achieve these goals, we have defined our areas of activity.

We want to strengthen our performance as an innovation provider and act as a leading distributor of Photocentric 3D products and a 3D service provider.


We want to be the most attractive partner for our customers when they face challenges that can be addressed with 3D technology. Our offering and development competencies are unique. Our goal is to develop and leverage us as a leader to start leveraging new resources together. We will offer a product chain to accelerate the level of excellence across all industries.


We want to succeed in the long run. Our products, solutions and technologies bring added value to the environment, society and the economy. We want to be a leader in sustainable development and increase our role in all business models. This will ensure the success of our company, create business opportunities and make us a key partner in supporting our clients.


We are committed to running our business safely, efficiently and reliably so we can deliver 3D products to our customers in a specific and timely manner. Our goal is to improve our reliability and availability and agility for everyone. In addition to ensuring our competitiveness, continuous improvement and process efficiency improvements are crucial.


Our goal is to position each business clearly against their respective competitors and to create a high-performing organization that will enable us to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. We will adjust our business models and organizational structures so that each business unit can optimally serve its market segment.

Main directions of activity:

One of the directions of our idea is the distribution of photocentric 3D printers and their photopolymers in the Latvian and Baltic markets.

Photocentric is a fast growing English company that produces a variety of chemicals, photopolymers, which can harden when exposed to light. Photocentric is the owner of several patents in daylight photopolymer curing technology and is the main business foundation for which it received the Queen's Award for Innovation.

Photocentric is a world leader in photopolymerization of visible light. They are world leaders in the use of LCD screens for 3D printing and are confident that this technology will transform the entire 3D industry. Photocentric also manufactures photopolymers that work with all available 3D printers in the world.

 3D printers have long played a special role around the world and are increasingly becoming an integral part of any industry: