Daylight Magna Resins

With an array of high-grade resins at your disposal the LC Magna has the ability to revolutionise every industry laying the path for truly innovative custom mass manufacture.

Daylight Magna Dental

Accurate, high resolution models especially for dental work can be created using Magna Dental Model resin. Ideal for Orthodontic, study, and working models and created in collaboration with Dental Technologists to ensure optimal colour, feel and working characteristics.



€554.95 inc. VAT

€438.41 exc. VAT

Daylight Magna Hard

<p>Strong, accurate parts with low shrinkage are made using our Magna Hard resin. This 3D printing resin produces stiff parts that cannot be easily deformed with compression or tension. Great for large scale applications where large models or even short run parts are required. The parts will display mechanical behaviour comparable to Polycarbonate/ABS blends.</p>



€374.95 inc. VAT

€296.21 exc. VAT

Why Daylight Magna Resins?

Photocentric Daylight Magna Resins are compatible with a wide range of software and hardware.